Kansas City’s title company since ’57. (That’s 1857.)


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Download ZOCCAM from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Register with name and email address (enter real estate license or the buyer may leave blank).

When downloaded, open and click on the “Register” button below the sign-in area. When asked for an 8-digit passcode, choose something you will remember (numbers only) and confirm those same numbers on the following line.

Verify your mobile device by entering the PIN sent via SMS text message, then create an 8-digit, numeric passcode.

In the sign-in area put in your mobile number and then the 6-digit code. You will then be asked to create an 8-digit passcode. It needs to be all numbers and you will need to enter it twice and click “Done” in the upper-right hand corner (if using an iPad, make sure to hold it vertically, not horizontally to see the two areas to enter
your 8-digit passcode). This 8-digit passcode will be your permanent password.

Select Capture on the home screen, then select the type of funds to ZOCCAM. Enter contract information (attach the contract from an email attachment, if needed).

Once logged in, click on “Earnest Money” or “Capture”. Then select between “Earnest Money” and  “Texas Properties Earnest Money/Option Fee” buttons. On the next screen, start typing in the name of your title company or escrow agent in the search bar at the top, then select it when it pops up below. On the following screen, search for your closest branch by entering the city in the search bar at the top. Select the branch.

Enter the sale property address, the amount of the check, and select “Contract already sent”. Select the “Me” box next to your role (buyer, buyer agent, seller, or listing agent). This will fill in your name and email address. Enter in the other fields (only buyer first/last name and seller first/last name are required).

Capture the FRONT and BACK of a filled out check on a dark, flat surface that is well lit.

Success! Funds have been sent directly to the Escrow Agent Recipient and email notifications are sent to all parties.

McCaffree-Short Title Company has provided Escrow Services, Title Insurance and Closing Services to the Greater Kansas City area since 1857.
Licensed to engage in the business of insurance in Kansas and Missouri.

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